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Important Information for

Homeschool Harmony Choirs!!!

I plan on restarting the Choirs in January, 2021. Since we weren't able to finish the Spring 2020 semester when the world shut down, here is my plan to pick up the pieces and move forward. Please send feedback regarding this plan. I hope you will find it acceptable.

Students returning from spring 2020:

There will no tuition charged for those who were already enrolled last spring. Since we did have some instruction, I will ask for a $20 "re-enrollment" fee per student. We will do the same music we didn't get to perform, so there will not be a music packet fee. I may add a song, but the cost of that will be no more than $2.50 per student.

Children's Choir students who would move to the Teen Choir:

I will need to evaluate each one, but my goal is to move each student along as the voice matures. If a Children's Choir student from spring 2020 needs to move to the Teen Choir, I will provide copies of the music so you don't have to double up on music expenses.

Teen Choir Seniors:

If you graduated already, you are more than welcome to rejoin us in spring 2021, with no "re-enrollment" fee. Life got especially hard for high school seniors last spring when so many things couldn't happen.

New Choir students:

New students will be required to pay the full semester tuition (with applicable discounts) and purchase the music packet.

Please help recruit new students to rebuild the Choirs!

I'm offering a "Refer a Friend" discount. Click the button at the top of the page for more information. Homeschool students and parents are the best recruiters.

Please check out the new Virtual Online Class options!

These can help you stay engaged in Music Education while the Choirs can't meet. And each class would help young singers strengthen their musical skills.