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My goal is to provide challenging and engaging music instruction in the areas of choir, solo voice, and piano. The two choirs are open to any homeschool student. The Children's Choir is for kids ages 6-12, and the Teen Choir for students 13 to graduation.

My private piano and voice lessons are open to all students: homeschool, public school, or private school. I can also teach interested adults.

There are also three online class options: General Music for younger children, and Music Theory and Music History/Appreciation for older students.

With 37 years experience teaching voice and choir, and over 50 years experience as a pianist, I am able to provide lessons and classes that will engage students' interest while providing an appropriate level of challenge.

All lessons and choir rehearsals take place at Katy's First Baptist Church in the Bolin Chapel. The church address is 600 Pin Oak, Katy, TX, 77494.

Please contact me about the opportunities I can provide for high quality music instruction. 

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